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PO Box 67, 100 Mill Pond Rd

Union Mills, Indiana 46382


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Lifetime Members

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We would like to recognize the following Lifetime Members have displayed their passion and commitment, not only to the organization and its mission and vision, but to the residents of Union Mills and all who visit the park.  Many of our Lifetime members continue to donate their time, talent, and monies to the ongoing work of the club to better the park for generations to come.  They might be second, third or fourth generation (or more) descendants of those who pioneered Union Mills, or they may be newer residents to the community, or just friends of the Club and Park.  Whatever the reason, whatever the relationship, We Are Thankful for these Lifetime Members and their dedication to the preservation of the Mill Pond Park.  We could not continue the work without their generous contributions.

honorary lifetime members

Carolyn McCarty

Dick Howell

Dorothy Buck

Doug Wakeman

John & Mary Deering

Lifetime Paid Members

Aaron Cleek
American Legion Post #295
Andy and Diane Cleek
Anthony and Beverly Baima
Bill and Donna Eaton
Bill and Maralee Wherrett
Bob and Darla Eaton
Bob and Dee Nusbaum
Bob and Diane Bye
Bob and Jane Rhodes
Bob and Judy Schlundt
Bob and Sandra Graves
Brent and Corie King
Byron and Brenda Ward
Carole Welkie
Cathy Donahue
Charles Carson
Christopher Laughlin
Chuck and Sherry Eaton
Corey Eaton
Dan and Linda Satkoski
Daniel B. Wakeman
Dave and Donna Doepping
Dave and Loretta Scarborough
David and Amy Wildfang
David Gibbs
David P. Jones
Dawn Anne and Tom Wells
Debra Allie
Dennis and Cheryl Yagelski
Dennis and Kathleen Hyska
Dennis and Rebecca Davis
Dennis and Vicky Schweller
Dick and Carol Welsh
Dick and Dorrie Scarborough
Dick and Nora Sherwood
Ed and Jeanne Smith
Ed Kosanke
Eddie Castle
Edgar and Charlotte Sly
Elliott and Sue Werner
Fern A. Cox
Garry and Diane Thompson
Garry and Lois Bucher
Gene and Janet Goad
George and Judy Satkoski
Glen and Shirley Rosenbaum
Glen Rucker
Glenn and Darlene Schlundt
Greg and Vicki Kelver
Hunter Eaton
J.C. & Clara Hughes
Jack and Judy Carter
James and Pamela Glasgow
James Thomas
Janet Howell
Jeff and Annette Hardin
Jerry and Jo Holeman
Jerry and Tina Harlow
Jim Byers and Jean Smeltzer
Joe and Kellee Cummings
John and Marge Scarborough
Julie Simpson
Keith and Jerrie Swanson
Linda Wiseman
Lloyd and Penny Mangus
Lois Swanson
Malcolm and Kaye Werner
Marc & Carolyn Belko
Margaret Carson
Mark Eaton
Mary Ann Hiigli and Carl Wisnieski
Mary Heath
Matt and Angela Welsh
Max Seymore
Melissa and Pete Kinsler Jr.
Merrill and Alice Deardorff
Mike and Dena Eaton
Mike and Penny Battista
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kinsler
Nick and Margaret Goyda
Pat and Lori Cummings
Philip Timothy Roper IV
Phillip and LeeAnn Wall
Rich and Linda Pardue
Richard and Norma Koch
Richard Hicks
Rick and Andrea Welsh
Rick and Bernie Stroh
Rick and Deb Tallant
Rick and Rosie Sanderson
Roger and Sharon Mangus
Roger and Shawn Popplewell
Ron and Devona Thalmann
Ron and Karen Peterson
Ron Clindaniel
Ron Hicks
Rudy Schlager Jr.
Russell and Barb Fort
Ruth Schlundt Ambers
S & W Realty
Sam and Michelle Andrzejewski
Skee and Deb Kammrath
Stacy Grage
Steve and Shannon Hudspeth
Stuart White
Sue Yates
T. J. Hannah, Sophie and, Lee Frain
Wes and Lucy Heironimus